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  • Various Roads in Victoria Island

    Four roads are included in this contract: Ogalade Close (120m), Ologun Agbaje Street (735m), Agoro Odiyan Street (315m) and Eletu Ogabi Street (240m). The rehabilitation of these roads is contributing to the relief of congestion in business districts in Victoria Island.

    • Site clearance, including breaking and removal of existing structures and obstacles in R.O.W;
    • Filling and compaction to appropriate level (between 150mm – 250mm thickness);
    • Spreading of stone-base (150mm);
    • Spreading of sharp sand (40mm thickness);
    • Provide interlocking tiles (80mm thickness);
    • Repair of existing drains and culverts and provision of cover-slabs for drains
    • Provision of pedestrian walkways (1200mm x 100mm);
    • Crossings for services, including manholes;
    • Provision of parking spaces (interlocking tile pavement) ;
    • Installation of kerb-stones;
    • Landscaping of open areas next to walkways;
    • Installation of single-arm streetlights (10m height) and traffic lights;
    • Finishes: Painting of kerb-stones, painting of road-markings, and installation of road signs.