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  • Eti-Osa Epe Expressway

    The Expansion of the Eti-Osa Epe Expressway is a Public Private Partnership. The scope of work includes the expansion, upgrading and rehabilitation of a 49.6km road.

    Structures on this project include three toll plazas, the rehabilitation and widening of Mobil Bridge, the construction of 7 pedestrian bridges, and the construction of an on-ramp to Falomo Bridge. The contract was awarded into four phases.

    Other deliverables include:

    • Widening of both carriageways between km 2 and 4 (layerworks and asphalt)
    • Boundary walls (concrete blocks)
    • Drains (pre-cast) and culvert works(In-situ)
    • Kerbs(In-situ)
    • Bank of ducts for services (in median 700mm - 1400 mm below surface)
    • Traffic lights and Street lights
    • Widening of Mobil Bridge (piling included)