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    About Hitech

    In order to provide logistical support to ongoing projects, Hitech maintains a substantial fleet of heavy-duty construction plant and equipment in addition to numerous haulage vehicles sufficient to supply the material requirements of sites regardless of distance or location.

    In addition, our operational granite quarry produces aggregates for concrete, asphalt production and stone-base. Strategically located at Ibadan (north of Lagos), this facility provides the basic bulk material requirements of most engineering projects. Asphalt plants are located in Lagos and Ibadan for all road surface requirements.

    Delivering a quality product Hitech completed in 1998 the installation of a pre-stressed concrete factory in Abuja utilising state of the art equipment supplied by Pourtrelles-Precontraine-Beton of France. The factory commenced production in September 1998 and is capable of producing bridge beams, piles, structural elements, lighting poles and similar products for the construction and allied industries.

    Resources in addition to the timely adoption of innovative technology Hitech intend to maintain its prominent position in the Nigerian Construction Industry and to expand operations internationally.

    Vision Statement
    To become an internationaly recognized construction company delivering quality engineering solutions.

    Mission Statement
    • To provide professional, quality and technologically advance products on schedule and within budget
    • To meet all requirements of our client
    • To constantly endeavour to maintain and improve our standards of work.